Cool Tech Products of 2023

We live in a time of incredible innovation, major advances in technology, and, of course, some very cool tech products.

You can pick up anything from incredible wireless speakers to hydration biosensors and everything in between. We are living in a golden age of gadgets and tech but it can be difficult to know what is the best of the best. Let’ have a look at some of the cool tech products of this year.

 1.Samsung Free Style Projector : A cool tech product by Samsung

Samsung Free Style Projector one of the best cool Products by Samsung.

Change the Way You Present.

  • Lightweight : You can carry it anywhere and enjoy your big screen moments.
  • It automatically focuses for a sharp, clear image in seconds.
  • It can project  screens from 30″ to 100″.
  • One can project a massive 100-inch image onto ant wall from nine feet away.
  • It have 360-degree built-in speaker for best audio experience.
  • The projectors work decently in daylight.
  • One can also use this one in darker conditions.
  • It is compatible with external batteries that are USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above.
  • It price is INR 64910.

2. Anker Make Mb5 3D Printer :

  • A 3D printer  creates various design, concepts,  replacement part more easily and inexpensively.
  • It speed up development process of products by churning out prototypes and parts at a faster rate.
  • Make M5 3D Printer can print out complex objects at a faster rate.
  • It can be operated via a touch screen and a companion app. 
  • It also includes built-in camera for monitoring print process.

3. Fujifilm’s Instax Pal digital camera

  • The Insta Pal is a tiny palm -sized 4.9 megapixel (MP) camera.
  • There’s a bundle of effects that includes sepia, cool, vivid and soft, along with controls for brightness, contrast, rotate, crop, text, stickers, emojis and more in the Pal app.
  • The camera is automatic, but aperture and shutter settings cover a wide range of shooting conditions, from interior to exterior. 
  • Images can be captured by pushing the large shutter button on the back or trigger it remotely using the Pal app.
  • It supports interval shooting to capture scenes with 3, 6, 11 or 21 continuous images at three-second intervals.
  • It price is approx. ₹16,600.

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